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Michael A. Mushnick, DDS | After Endo Procedure in Monroe Township

Michael A. Mushnick, DDS

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After Endo Procedure

Root Canal Care Post Operative

Following Root Canal Therapy, there may be some soreness in the area of the treated tooth for the following few days.  This is due to a healing response at the root ends and the injection sites and is normal.  We recommend that you take 400mg if Ibuphrofen (2 advil or Motrin tablets) every 4-6 hours after the procedure and thereafter as necessary for the pain.  If you can not take Ibuprofen, advil or Motrin due to an allergy, stomach ulcer or as per your physician's advice, you may take 1000mg Acetaminophen (two extra strength Tylenol) every 6 hours.  The amount of discomfort after a root canal is dependent on the kind and the type of infection you had prior to treatment.  In general, teeth that are severely infected, were about to absess or present with a swelling have more discomfort after the treatment and require stronger pain medication (an antibiotic may already have been presented).If a swelling results after the root canal therapy, antibiotics may be indicated.  Please contact us for a prescription and follow the instructions on the bottle.

Depending on the condition of the tooth prior to the root canal, the healing phase may be swift or protracted.  Please be patient with the process as it can take up to several days to a few weeks for proper resoltuon of symptoms.  Most often, any remaining symptoms from the tooth will resolve in time.

Usually a temporary filling is placed in the root canal treated tooth.  Following root canal therapy, a final restoration needs to be placed on the treated tooth by your general dentist.  Failure to do so in a timely fashion will result in failure of the root canal or a possible root fracture resulting in tooth loss.

We recommend that you continue with good oral hygiene by brushing normally with gentleness to the affected tooth.

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